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Discover The Fitness Boot Camp That It Designed To Get Rid Of The Fat & Change Your Life.
Push Fitness Boot Camp, the number one fitness and fat loss workout program designed to burn the fat and get you in the best shape of your life – guaranteed.

All of the workouts at Push Fitness are created to shed your unwanted body fat in the shortest amount of time possible all while giving you max results!

What to expect at A PUSH FITNESS BOOTCAMP?
  • Motivation
  • Accountibilty
  • High Energy
  • Personalization based on your goals
  • Non-intimidating atmoshere
  • Results!!!
  • Affordability
After Burn Effect

During our Fitness workouts we follow a formula that combines High Intensity Interval Training + Exercise Stacking + Active Rest periods which equates to creating an environment that make sure to provide not only an awesome workout but most calories burned in every workout.

But what if I told you that our workouts create an environment within your body that allows you to continue to burn EVEN MORE calories long after your workout was complete… Sounds awesome right!

I know! And when you join our workouts you will truly know how awesome it is!!

If You Have Ever Thought…

  • My time is limited
  • I fall off the wagon… OFTEN
  • I have no clue what I need to eat for my goals
  • The gym sucks…I am sick of “RENTING EQUIPMENT”
  • I have no motivation

This is the place for you!

This Could Be You…



Hey Vameka here, owner of Push Fitness. First let me tell you about myself…

me new

  • Washington DC Native
  • Graduated from VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University
  • I majored in Athletic Training
  • I have been a Heath and Fitness coach for 9 years (AND I LOVE IT)
  • My passion to get people fit and healthy are do to my family history.
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY : My mission for 2013 is to help the DMV LOSE 2,000 POUNDS OF FAT!


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After having my second child I BLEW UP! I was looking for comfort in food because I felt so insecure about myself. When I met VaMeka, my perspective towards working out and staying fit changed, and so did my life! Since day one she has been such a motivator and not just my trainer but my friend and without her I would have never seen life in a different perspective. After only a couple of months of hard work and changing my eating habits completely and of course with her help and all of the boot camp family I managed to get to my weight goal, I went from a 167 to a 134!!! My body fat went down to 18.5%!!!! My energy went up to 110% I was self motivated and so proud of myself! I learned to eat healthy, stay fit and learned to love it and I feel super great about myself there’s nothing I would do to change my journey at DCFitBodyBootcamp . I am forever thankful to her for pushing me and always being there for me when I needed that support. The boot camp is truly one of a kind, everyone is like family and we all motivate each other because we truly care and want to see each other’s results and accomplishments. She has an awesome talent which she shares with everyone and a big heart because she really cares about her clients, she’s my hero!!

“I saw a Groupon for a boot camp in Takoma Park that met at 5:30 am and I thought, that’s perfect for me! I knew I was technically overweight, but I didn’t know how much I needed boot camp until Vameka calculated that 40% of my body was fat! That was disgusting. At age 60, I knew it was only going to get harder to slim down unless I did something drastic.

For the first few months, I went only three mornings a week. I lost 12 pounds and went down two dress sizes. Adding the two cardio days became an easy habit.
For some reason, I don’t hate boot camp; in fact, I look forward to it. It leaves me drenched in sweat, but every day I do more things I never thought I could do. And there are tangible results.
Vameka has a way of pushing you and making you feel responsible for your workout. She alters the routine all the time and works different parts of the body. You could not get this much variation and structure from a personal trainer or from working out in a gym by yourself.”
“Having been athletic and average in size during my High School years, you could not have told me that I would go to college and gain as much weight as I did. I my eating became poor and uncalculated as I indulged in late night meals, awful cafeteria choices and excessive alcohol consumption all while working out less and less. I went from a sexy size 8 to an enormous size 18 in a matter of 2-3yrs.I graduated and battled back and forth with my weight fluctuating but never really making any progress. I tried several different meal plan, workout routines and weight loss methods. I began working out with VaMeka, because she was my sister and I figured I could not go wrong with some structure and discipline. I then realized the urgency to lose this weight when my then boyfriend now husband proposed to me in August of 2010 and we set our sites on a September 2012 Wedding. I become extra committed after a few months of working out Monday through Friday sometimes even twice a day and changing my eating habits completely and of course with the support and accountability of my boot camp family I managed to meet my wedding goal, I went from a size 22 wedding dress to a size 16 with no alterations needed!!! I still have work to do and many more goals to meet but I would not do it with any other Fitness Coach, she keeps me accountable at all times and has aided me in working through the many setbacks that I have had and gets me back on track. I appreciate her for the passion that she has for battling obesity and understanding that it is not easy for everyone and some of us require more work than others.
When I started Vamika’s program at Fit Body Boot camp a few months ago, I was in desperate need of help to get into shape. I was a person who was supposedly doing all the right things. I was walking a couple of miles a day and trying to watch what I ate. I was not a junk food eater or a soda drinker. I was not a person who had to carry food around with her to keep from fainting. Yet the more I tried the more I gained weight.

Every year at New Year I would set a goal for myself, saying this year I’m really going to get in shape. This year on my birthday, on July 5, I will be able to say proudly that I am on my way. And every year I would continue to gain weight. I dreaded the arrival of my birthday. One more year without meeting my goal.

Then I met Vamika. The first thing I noticed was the warmth that Vamika spread. She was very glad to see you when you showed up. She showed the same commitment to you and your physical health that you yourself did. She was supportive. And she had answers tailored for each of her charges. She asked me to do things that were difficult for me, but she was right there to help me work my way through these tasks. I immediately felt that this was the place where I was supposed to be, not some big, impersonal gym.

I had a recurring problem with my knee. I had gone to doctors who had prescribed medicines and physical therapy. But the knee kept acting up. Vamika was the first person who knew exactly what to do. She led me through a series of exercises. If I was in pain or distress, she was very calm and comforting. At one point, she even dug into her own lunch box and handed me a banana that provided me with some much needed potassium. Vamika was amazing. She knew what exercises I needed to do and at what pace she needed to bring me along. I began to feel very confident with her. She knows how to deal with those types of problems.

Vamika is extraordinarily skilled at what she does, steeped in the science of physical fitness and rehabilitation, with the people skills that only the best in her profession have. I recommend her without reservation.

The knee problem is taken care of now. I don’t worry about it any more.

This year on my birthday I woke up feeling good about myself. I went to Boot Camp as if it were the best birthday present anyone had ever given me.

My blood pressure and my BMI have come down, and all of the tight clothes in my closet are loose now. So dramatic has been my transformation that my doctor has cut my blood pressure medication.

After a physical last month my doctor wrote some actions that I was supposed to take. First among them was: Do NOT stop your work at Boot Camp.

Robbin Slocum
Boot Camp with VaMeka has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’ve been working with her at the Takoma Fit Body Boot Camp for a little over two months and I’ve seen improvements in both my health and outlook. As a trainer, VaMeka is not preoccupied with perfection but with perseverance; her formula not just about fast results but family. As someone who struggles with the hormonal imbalances and weight gain associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, being able to dissolve inches in those difficult spots (abs, arms, inner thighs!) has offered me a sense of relief. As someone who’s always had difficulty breathing while exercising, being able to run a mile and some without stopping to rest is extremely encouraging. Working with VaMeka has made me stronger, faster, leaner and more inclined to linger in the mirror! J However, what has come to matter most are those moments when VaMeka remembers something personal and asks about it – whether it be a play you’re in, your child’s name, an old injury. Those instances when she comes to you when you’re struggling and works right alongside you. Or those occasions when she sits us all in a circle and asks us to share our names and our lives. Boot Camp with VaMeka never fails to leave us all physically and mentally renewed! When you visit don’t be surprised to hear someone excitedly exclaim “It never gets easier!” followed by laughter, keen agreement and promises to be there the next day and the day after that.
Stacia Yearwood