Groupon Deal Q & A

Question: I have not worked out in a LONG time, are the workouts so advanced that I won’t be able to keep up?

Answer: Workouts are personalized, no matter what your size or fitness level you will be able to join the workout.

Question: How long are the workouts?

Answer: We offer intense 30 min + an optional 10 minute “finisher”

Question: If I go out of town, can I pause my membership?

Answer: Unfortunately, you will not be able to pause your Groupon Deal Membership.

Question: How many workouts can I attend each week?

Answer: Three workouts per week with this deal

Question: When is my OFFICIAL activation date?

Answer: The date that you set your first workout will be your official start date.

Your membership will run its course from that date.

Question: What if I want to do more than three day a week?

Answer: Your deal is only valid for a Three-Day a week program, but you will have the option to upgrade to an “Unlimited” membership which allows you to workout as many times as your heart desires.

Question: Will I have to change my eating?

Answer: Absolutely! If you truly want results with any fitness program you will need to make modification to your eating habits. Our nutrition program is amazing.

With your Groupon you will receive a basic fat loss nutrition plan.

If you want something more individualized you can upgrade for a very small fee.

Question: What if my deal expires?

Answer: Once the deal expires it cannot be used. But you will have a credit to use toward one of our services (THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS)

Question: Can I just show up to a workout

Answer: NOPE. You can not show up to workout. You will need to sign up online via the link given in the instructions on how to redeem your deal.

Question: What if I have knee issues

Answer: In our workout we will jump, push, press, throw medicine balls slam ropes… There is no doubt about that.

If your previous injuries are not too bad we can modify the exercise for you.

BUT if you know that you cannot squat, lunge, jog, or jump then you may need a corrective exercise program and this deal is not right for you.

Question: How large are the groups?

Answer: Workout groups are small. Thee will be no more than 8 people per workout. It is very personal.

Question: What if my schedule is all over the place and I can not commit to the same time every workout?

Answer: Not a problem! Simply sign-up for for your desired workout time.

Question: How long are the workouts

Answer: 30 mins with an optional 10 min “Finisher”

Question: Do you stretch during the workouts?

Answer: Of course!